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Most termite home treatment methods deal with termites that are visible on the surface, but these methods are inadequate.

Arizona Exterminating's trained personnel will thoroughly inspect your property to determine which professional control methods are right for your home or business.


No home or building is safe from termites. A casual inspection of wood surfaces will not reveal the destructive activity taking place inside the wood.

Without professional inspection, detection of an infestation may come too late to avoid costly repairs. Arizona Exterminating inspectors are trained to search for signs of hidden danger and to recommend solutions that are significantly less expensive than the potential repair bills.

External Evidence of the Drywood Termite:
  1.  Shed wings
  2.  Surface blisters on the wood
  3.  Piles of fecal pellets


Subterranean termites can devour and destroy the wood structure of any building. Unless checked, the damage will lead to extensive repair work costing thousands of dollars -money that can be saved through a proper detection, treatment and prevention program.

Subterranean termites begin their destructive process by attacking foundation timbers or other wood close to the ground. From this strategic point, they move their attack to other parts of a building and establish new colonies. Reproduction intensifies the problem.

Arizona Exterminating uses modern procedures to create a non repellent barrier between your building and the ground. The barrier effectively prevents new termites from entering the building. It also prevents existing termites from returning to the ground to obtain the moisture they need to survive. Arizona Exterminating are the experts in the treatment of formosan termites.

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